Techwaves Generative AI for CIOs and CTOs – April 2024 (English version)

IA Générative pour CI et CTO

Techwaves Generative AI for CIOs and CTOs.
Discover our latest asset on Generative AI for CIOs and CTOs.

April 2024


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Are you lost and unsure where to start with GenAI?

The teams at SFEIR and WEnvision have compiled market solutions to offer you a summary and ranking on our technology trend curve for GenAI solutions.

To do this, we evaluate various criteria, such as ease of use, community building, availability of training modules or even books, etc. Through our analyses, discover how we have positioned the technologies on our curve, divided into 6 sectors, as well as the 8 families of tools to boost your applications. Our approach is based on the TechWaves methodology, which deeply analyzes market trends, technological innovations, and feedback to propose solutions tailored to the needs of CIOs and CTOs.